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    Music by Ezra Pound / Futurist Radio / Music by Robert Hughes

BOOKS 1923 Le Testament facsimile edition with audio CD Recovery of Ezra Pound's 3rd Opera with settings by Catullus and Sappho Complete Violin Works of Ezra Pound Cavalcanti: A Perspective on the Music of Ezra Pound
BOOKS/eBooks   1926 and 1933 performance editions of Le Testament Paroles de Villon e-book Transparency of Ezra Pound's Great Bass e-book Echo of Villon in Ezra Pound's music and poetry Toward a Theory of Duration Rhyme RADIA Pino Masnata Gloss of the 1933 Futurist Radio Manifesto
MUSIC   Uutiqtut SopoMuerte Anagnorisis Ritmicas
        audio CDs  audio CD 1923 Le Testament opera by Ezra Pound conducted by Robert Hughes with the San Francisco Opera Western Opera Theatre audio CD Music for the KamaSutra for large ensemble and orchestra by Robert Hughes Anagnorisis audio CD virtuoso performances for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Cello, Korean Piri by Robert Hughes HCE audio CD works for voice and orchestra by Robert Hughes