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Music for small ensembles, featuring virtuoso performances
on flute, Korean piri, bass clar., trombone, cello, piano duo

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for flute and cello. Originally issued as 1750 Arch Records S1760 and remastered.

Caccia (Caribou Chase)

for two pianos.


for full orchestra, conducted by Jonathan Kuhner.


for trombone (doubling garden hose), percussion and (optional) dancer, with the composer on percussion.

Four Changes

for koto, two flutes (2nd doubling alto), and two French horns.

Music for the Cincinnati Science Center

for harp and percussion.

Trio for Mexican Clay Flute

for Mexican clay flute, five coffee cans, Jhalaturanga, with the composer on clay flute.

Music for Geraldine

for bass clarinet, contrabassoon and four gongs, with the composer on contrabassoon.

Against Nature

for 4 piri (Korean oboe) tracks and the Prophet 10 synthesizer, with the composer on piri and Prophet 10.

Thatcher Clarke, dancer, Stuart Dempster with garden hose, and Robert Hughes, composer, perform 'Anagnorisis'
Thatcher Clarke, dancer (left), Stuart Dempster, garden hose
(center), with the composer during a rehearsal of “Anagnorisis”
for the San Francisco Ballet.   All photos © Charles Barnett