Bruno & Stella

Bruno & Stella , a collaboration by Jerry Carniglia and Margaret Fisher, re-interprets Fernand Crommelynck’s play  The Magnificent Cuckold  that was staged by Vsevolod Meyerhold and designed by Liubov Popova.
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About the work

The Magnificent Cuckold was staged in 1922 in Moscow by Vsevolod Meyerhold. The production broke away from the proscenium formalities of theater to utilize Meyerhold’s calisthenic acting techniques developed for the State Experimental Theatrical Studio (GEKATEMAS). The Constructivist sets by Liubov Popova included a windmill, revolving doors, platforms, wheels, and a slide. This installation is an homage to Meyerhold's and Popova's work. The bodice of our costumes for Bruno and Stella are made of Brazilian paduk hardwood. Bruno is fit with a copper cone that offers a peep-hole view of the video Cowgirl Coffee. The installation was first shown at the Celebration of the Arts, a juried show, Emeryville, CA, 1990.

Related works by MAFISHCO include character studies below, the video Cowgirl Coffee, and the faux foreign Russian video The Üble Marionette.


  • Installation, Concept and Design: Jerry Carniglia and Margaret Fisher
  • Construction in wood: Jerry Carniglia
  • Additional costume elements: Jacqueline Humbert, Margaret Fisher

Performance History

  • Installed: Emeryville Art Exhibiton, 4052 Watts Street, Emeryville, October 1990.
  • Video adaptation: "Cowgirl Coffee," for Microtheater, a series produced by Earwax Productions, 1991.
  • Installation with Performance: ProArts Gallery, Ninth Street, Oakland, California, 1993.
Character and Prop Studies by Fisher for The Magnificent Cuckold
charcoal and pastel on paper,  c. 60"-65" x 40"-45",  1991
Clockwise from upper left:   Bruno, Stella with Cowherd, Chicken, Admiral, Nurse with Chicken