Cowgirl Coffee

A theater director from the Soviet Union recalls staging Doctor Caligari in a circus.
The equestrian artist entertained her fans backstage juggling boots filled with coffee
from America. Her name was Stella.

About the work

Stella is a recurring figure in MAFISHCO productions in the 1990s. She was seen in the art installation Bruno & Stella (1990), and she would appear in the thirty-minute short The Üble Marionette in 1992. Earwax Productions released the short “Cowgirl Coffee” in 1991 as part of their series Microtheater, one-minute works for video by Northern California performance artists.


  • Script, Choreography: Margaret Fisher
  • Wearable Sculpture: Jerry Carniglia
  • Music: Little Big Top by Robert Hughes
  • Costume: Jacqueline Humbert
  • Voice over: Sergey Rakitchenkov, Inga Bruk
  • Additional construction: Chris McFee, Jim Thornton
  • Executive Producers: Barney Jones, Jim McKee, Starr Sutherland
  • Producer: Earwax Productions, San Francisco
  • Genres: Faux Foreign, Experimental Video, Performance Art
  • Release Date: 1991 TRT: 1 minute


  • New Langton Arts: San Francisco, CA
  • New American Makers Series: San Francisco Opera Plaza Cinemas, CA
  • Prairie Avenue Gallery: Chicago, IL
  • ProArts Gallery: Oakland, CA
  • "Q" Series, KQED TV: San Francisco, CA
  • Emeryville Annual Art Exhibition: Emeryville, CA